Shopify and BigCommerce both have a great service to offer retailers and merchants at any scale. But, what about drop shipping? How do these two platforms stack up against each other?

If you are one of those sellers who is excited about this method of selling, you might wonder which option is better for you. It is not possible to give a specific answer without first considering some of the general aspects of Shopify Plus vs BigCommerce comparison and their drop shipping capabilities.

What Can You Expect from Shopify and BigCommerce

There is little difference in the pricing structure of BigCommerce and Shopify. Both platforms have three different pricing plans which cost almost the same. However, the platforms are different in terms of which features and options they offer at what plan.

For example, Shopify offers the option to make use of a custom SSL certificate (the option is available in the Shopify Pro plan). The same functionality is available in the Shopify Plus plan. BigCommerce has no limits on how many accounts you can have.

For entrepreneurs who want to sell online through social media channels, Shopify is the perfect option. You can use Shopify and its ecommerce capabilities like accounting tools, advanced reporting, POS integrations, and etc. to sell on any channel or website of your choice.

This is an excellent opportunity for drop shippers as Facebook and Instagram have become highly effective in marketing your products and engaging your potential customers on-the-go.

The biggest disadvantage of BigCommerce is that there is a sales cap of $50k, $150k, or $400k (based on the plan you use). For example, if you reach the sales cap and you are using a lower plan, you will be upgraded to a higher plan from the following month. If you are already using the Pro plan, you will be charged extra if you go over the limit.

Shopify’s plans have no sales limits, meaning you can scale your business as much as you want. It is one less thing to worry about.

Shopify Plus vs BigCommerce Enterprise: Which Platform Has the Best Drop-Shipping Features

Is Shopify or BigCommerce better when it comes to drop-shipping options?

We can’t deny the fact that Shopify is the first ecommerce solution brought up when it comes to drop shipping business. But, is it so much better than BigCommerce? Can BigCommerce compete?

One of the most important things for drop shippers is to quickly source products from suppliers, add them to the store, and have the shipping process completely automated.

Shopify’s partnership with Oberlo is exactly what new drop shippers need. Oberlo is the best tool to use to search for products on AliExpress and a go-to supplier for a massive selection of products at wholesale prices.

In the Shopify App Store, there are many similar apps available. Apps that focus on different marketplaces, niches, and regions. They are almost all popular and highly rated.

BigCommerce also has an app marketplace with product-sourcing apps like Modalyst, Inventory Source, e-ProductPlug, and more. The quality of the apps vary and none of them are as comprehensive or established as Oberlo.

Even though both platforms have apps that allow you to do everything – locating and sourcing products, shipping through suppliers, and more, Shopify’s selection has the most value for money and consistent quality.

Oberlo is one powerful tool that gives Shopify Plus the dominance in terms of drop shipping.


BigCommerce has better product customization, better SEO, and more built-in features. If this is something you prefer, feel free to set up drop shipping store on BigCommerce.

Between the Oberlo integration and the fact that there are no sales limits, Shopify does just enough to win the ultimate battle and become the platform that is better tailored for drop shipping.


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